25.2 The Committee consists of not more than 5 members, 2 of which (including the Chairman of the Committee) shall be appointed by the Company. a. 180 per booking per month for half-an-hour duration per week. Use of any other part of the Club premises in swimming apparel is not permitted. The General Members enjoy the voting rights. The most common tasks that require the collective action and decision Your rules should be completed before anyone joins your social club. 3000, Guest Charge per head - (per day) Rs. RULES & REGULATIONS… making of the Board / Committee are: The development of a policy framework is a very important part of the committee duties and responsibilties. Specific charges for the facilities as laid down from time to time however, are applicable. These rules should include whether this is a group for males or females, if there are income or social limits to the members and if members need to be involved in certain activities. If a ‘Complete Amendment’ is to be adopted, a ‘draft’ set of Rules is prepared. This could result in the committee members being personally liable for the actions of the club. b. c. Multi Gym Members and Guests availing the Multi Gym facilities must be in sporting attire only. 4.3 DECISIONS ON THE ELIGIBILITY OF PLAYERS The FIVB Board of Administration, or, in urgent cases, the Executive Committee/the President, decides on the application of the rules for the eligibility of players. UP TO DATE. Membership of the board may Membership shall consist of: -­ … Wearing of rubber or plastic slippers, half-sleeved kurta with pyjamas, half-sleeved vests, torn jeans are not permitted in … Coaching students however, are not entitled to use any club facility during the non-coaching period, unless specially permitted by the Committee for certain functions. as to what actions must be taken to ensure that the organisation is being In summer, the club opens at 5 a.m. c. Cards Members and Guests availing the Swimming facilities must wear Swimming Costumes. RULE 26: ALTERATIONS TO RULES. An Honorary Member, his/her spouse and dependant children upto the age of 21 years are entitled to enjoy all facilities of the Club. In accordance with Statute XI (Part A, section 5) and Council Regulations 42 of 2002, the Rules Committee agreed on 13 March 2017 that the following regulations shall be in force from the beginning of Michaelmas Full Term 2017. committee officers. Whereas in a larger organisations, committee/board members set the direction of the organisation but the implementation of decisions is delegated to employees. (Night timings : 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.). 3. In the event of failure to do so the Committee may order their disposal for the benefit of the Club. The Club remains open from 5.30 a.m. to 11 p.m. on all days, unless otherwise determined by the Committee as and when required. running of the organisation to professional administrators, Copyright and Disclaimer | About the author Leo Isaac | Email Webmaster, Strategic and Operational Planning Templates, developing Specific charges for the facilities as laid down from time to time however, are applicable. Anyone over 17 years of age shall be eligible to join. However there may be some differences in the way that committee / board members carry out their responsibilities (see table below). NOW CANCELLED OR POSTPONED DUE TO. Committee duties and responsibilities remain the same irrespective of the size of the organisation. The Pool will remain closed on Mondays for maintenance. 100. Under the model rules, the president must chair every meeting they attend. Information about the individual duties and responsibilities of office bearers is found separate to this page - President, Secretary, Treasurer. Members and Guests are permitted to play tennis in tennis attire only. … Members and Guests availing the Swimming facilities must wear Swimming Costumes. The following charges for Swimming facilities are applicable for the Members : b. d. General At the committee's request , the following rules have been voted on and approved at past AGM's. The parents of the Coaching students are permitted to be in the Club premises only during the period of their ward’s coaching. a club or association) is required by c. Multi Gym They are also entitled to enjoy the canteen facilities during the coaching period against payment for specific items. If however, a Member is unable to produce his Seasonal or Monthly Card, it is compulsory for the Member to enter his name in the Swimming Pool Register and will be charged accordingly. If an organisation is critically lacking Members interested in availing these facilities should apply to the Hony. Students of various coaching schemes of the Club are entitled to avail of the coaching facilities for which they have enrolled. Rules and Regulations (a) The Rules and Regulations of The Football Association Limited and parent County Association and any League or Competition to which the Club is affiliated for the time being, shall be deemed to be incorporated into the Club Rules. 12 Addendums to the Club Rules . 93/1B, Rash Behari Avenue, Deshapriya Park, Kolkata - 700029, WB, 01. These meetings are FORMAL, that is they This will also ensure that your rights as Member are protected. Selection of Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson. In view of this, we seek your kind cooperation to implement the Rules and Regulations. (Night timings: 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.). Disciplinary Committee. […] The Committee shall conduct the general business of the Club, regulate the internal management, have power to enforce Rules, and make such bye-laws as may be necessary for the conduct of the Club in conformity with these Rules. Markers, ball boys and tennis balls are not provided by the Club. A ‘Complete Amendment’ is based upon this Model Rulebook but this may also be amended to accommodate a club’s particular requirements. regulations is final and binding on the members.