Thank you for being a valued part of the CNET community. In early 2021, CNET Forums will no longer be available. Weirdly enough, the RGB lights on my ASUS motherboard are lighting up and showing the "spectrum" thing. Was hoping that no one took it the latter way. If you know someone who has an old video card laying around , that is easy to eliminate.If only the power supply fan comes on.....I would suspect the main board is dead. The desktop still does not boot. I've seen as well damaged boards that shared a similar situation, but those boards had a all common factor: faulty capacitors. Thinking it was the PSU I picked up a new one but that didn't fix it. Another thing to check, especially with Dells, is for bad capacitors. Please help! No fans, no lights, no beeps, no clicks - nothing. Do you hear fans starting to work inside the PC? I'm using a heat pipe that clips on, so that will be kind of hard to get off (I feel like I'm going to break the clips or worse whenever I go to remove it). The issue: Turn it on and everything seems to get power, fans run up, LED’s on the motherboard, graphics card and CPU cooler light up, monitor and keyboard both get power. Fans don't even attempt to spin, no LED Lights, no Beeps, its like the PC is completely unplugged. And before they have to spend some $80 for a power supply (Current one is 750W), I was hoping someone else would have some other suggestions for them to try, to confirm that it is a power supply. System would be fine, next power up randomly, it would not POST or do anything else, but the fans would go into a high speed mode making the tower sound like a wind tunnel. Just disconnect the side fan for the moment, not likely part of the problem but also not connected properly.Basically lets strip the system down to do some logical step by step troubleshooting. I need this up and running ASAP, so any help anyone could give would be helpful (I'm praying it's not the case's PSU, because I cannot wait too much longer, and I don't make an awful lot of money, and PSU's are looking expensive at Newegg and Tiger). So far nothing, but from the sounds of it, can be a very small brown speck, which makes it difficult to find.. But … Just a tiny, tiny brownish spot on the tops of them and they're toast. I had a similar issue a long while back that was the results of Video sync issues with the monitor syncing with my video card. I would power it on but only fans would work, on-board LAN worked too (i think, because its LEDs are flashing), but no power for the keyboard and mouse. Sorry. I reseated the RAM and the connectors and still nothing. See if that does anything. The Green wire that is either pin 14 [in 20 pin] or pin 16 [for 24 pin] is the pin that the logic ciruit puts a logic low on to turn on the main rails.Take a brand new supply out of the box plug it into AC power with the rear switch on and simply jumper the green wire to any of the black wires on the same cable and the supply will turn on as evidenced by its fan running. Hope not). Any fans spinning? Strip it to a bare minimum and see if it will boot., Thanks, I'll have her take a look at the capacitors :) And thanks for the articles, I'll pass it along, So far it's a no go. The outlet works just fine. Japan's asteroid return mission arrives on Earth, YouTube will ask users to rethink before posting potentially offensive comments, Cyberpunk 2077's exact launch and pre-load times detailed, PC won't boot - No video, no beep, but fans spin,, Also, if the OP is using an LCD which is more than likely, demagnetizing won't have any effect. Nothing which could defeat or overheat the system. If everything is connected properly and still nothing comes up on your computer’s screen, then the second-best way to identify it is an internal hardware problem or an external. Good luck. 3, Bios could be corrupted or possibly blown. Thank you all for the help :). It sounds like a power surge may have taken the mainboard out. But thank you everyone for the suggestions :) They are just waiting on me to be able to look at it now lol (Hate tech support over the phone...I like having the computer sitting in front of me..). The fans actually go crazy, spinning at full force. 2. I removed all peripherals, USB and fan connectors, RAM and hard drives and still not turning on. Unplug every external device, except for the keyboard, monitor and power. Under the Light Effect column, click off. You have tried a known good replacement power supply with no luck. A friend told me that it might be CPU that prevents it from booting, primarily because of insufficient cooling, so I went on buying a new CPU fan (Deep Cool Gamma Archer), and then installed it. If it gets a start signal from the main board ,( and the power supply fan starts to run) .. and then won't run your case fans...It would seem that something is wrong inside the power supply.However, if the main board has a componet which is failed in a short circuit state, it is possible that the power supply is shutting down as designed. What I do not notice in your post, OP, is the RGB Fusion software. This tells you which pins are the "start" button. A remote possibility is a dead video card. The case comes with a 3-from-1 RGB Splitter cable so you can connect all three fans' RGB cables to a single mobo plain RGB header, and supply those lights with all the power and control they need. (I'm building a PVR). The first 20 wires are unchanged physically. I'm hoping it's not a motherboard problem...Power supplies are cheaper than motherboards lol. I tried to power it … Have read a number of comments about Antec supplies arriving DOA.There was one minor change in some supplies. Just completed a new PC build last night. So far I have checked all connections, and re-sat the ram sticks. I'd go for the minimalistic route. Suddenly my computer turned off, as if some fiendish leprechaun pulled the plug right out of the power bar (I checked - no leprechaun). A Click the product icon on top to change RGB LED light for each product. the entire system before checking anything to see if the basic functions worked.Now you get back to do that.The LED on the mobo simply tells you that there is the 5 volt standby voltage on the mobo. Using known working replacements, I've also ruled out the video card, RAM, and any of the optical devices. Quick sum up of my system - running WinXP on Intel Pentium D 840 3.2 ghz processor / Intel D945GPMLKR Socket 775 mobo / 2 GB PC4200 DDR2 RAM / ATI Radeon X700 video with 256 MB GDDR2 RAM / and then the usual optical connections + a TV tuner card. I have set the motherboard LEDs and RGB LED headers to static red in Aura and when the system is powered up everything is working correctly. PC has no power. If ALL fans come on, and you hear clicking (probably the hard drive)..then I would suspect the processer is dead.